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From Bryan Fitzmartin - Check out Neil Patel's video on how to use Responsive Design for Passive Income on the Web

July 11, 2020

Neil Patel is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing expert. He definitely makes a lot of videos as any of his fans know (or anyone who's ever seen his channel knows), and talks a lot about many different aspects of marketing. He's quite prolific actually in many ways, in that he focuses on a great many topics within the field and across the board. Since that's the case, he doesn't always talk about how to do "passive income" and focus just on that the way this specific page does or some channels do, but it's still something he does in fact still make a few videos about from time to time.

This video he made here is actually geared much more towards the technical end (rather than the marketing side) of things when it comes to the topic. In it, Patel talks about the importance of good web design and how search engines really desire sites that are fully "responsive," that is, in other words, the sites have appropriate sizing and layouts for mobile as well as desktop, to give users the very best experience in terms of a layout and design in order to make the site as "navigable" as possible in terms of how users interact with it. It’s very much possible to overlook this aspect and focus just on content and marketing (both of which are still extremely important for “passive” income efforts) and thus as a result have far lower google rankings and get far fewer views because of web page sizing problems.

This is by no means the only video about responsive design on the internet, and not the most in depth look at it out there. We recommend that if someone wants or needs to learn more about this topic, they also take a look at a responsive design web tutorial. The site has created a list of tutorials here and you can also check out this one from if you like. Also, keep in mind, that when it comes to web design in terms of coding, it’s not for everyone, so some people may consider purchasing a pre-packaged wordpress theme (for example) that’s already geared out for responsive design. However, for all those actually doing the coding themselves by hand, we genuinely hope they have an amazing time when it comes to creating the design, as well as laying down the next fantastic set of web code for their amazing sites. So, on that note to all those folks out there – happy coding.

Link to Neil Patel's Video:

How to Make A Passive Income Online With A Mobile Responsive Website - Responsive Web Design Guide

Article Written by Bryan Fitzmartin


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