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From Bryan Fitzmartin -- The List of "Income School" Online Marketing Life Hacks that You Need to Know

July 11, 2020

This video comes from an organization called “Income School”; unlike our last post, which featured an entry from Neil Patel, a marketing expert, who focuses on many topics, income school focuses strictly on the notion of “passive income.” The idea works like this: first, by creating content and posting it on the internet, such as e-books (for example), or “niche” sites or branding sites, that causes a high enough volume of people to want to view that content so it can be “monetized” and you can make money off it – for example, by selling the product directly if it’s an e-book or using an ads service such as “google ads” if it’s a branding site. In theory (and this is one of the major features of the idea) this content can be somewhat “evergreen” in that both it causes people to want to view the material you created, but also the content in it would be created so it’s relevant for a long period of time causing people look at it in the long term and make money in the long term. Those ideas create the “bulk notion” of making money using so-called “passive income” on the internet -- having content you create and it stays relevant for a long time.

But creating that content in an effective way so people want to actually view it and take the time to do so is one thing – but marketing it is also a big part of the equation. Some people say that the act of generating the content and making it “buzz-worthy” is the most important thing, but it can be argued that the act (or actually “skill,” perhaps better said) of physically marketing it is equally important, and it would be a fair thing to say that. So here, to help everyone do that, in the video link that’s been posted below, Income School list 9 tips for actually marketing your “passive income” material, that they say, actually works. Check it out, it may help you get way more eyeballs on your internet sites.

Link to Income School's Video:

9 Internet Marketing Hacks (That Actually Work)

Review by Bryan Fitzmartin

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